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Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy

Good alignment means that the body can move freely without tension. Due to preferred postures that we often unconsciously adopt, upper backs become crooked, shoulders stiff, lowerback tensed and sensitive. The free transmission of movement stops and tension arises. With Critical Alignment you become aware of your tension patterns and learn to convert them into relaxation and strength. We work with CAY tools so that you become aware of tension patterns in your body and how you can release them.


Private lessons by appointment on location in the studio or at home

80 euros (including 21% VAT)

5 lessons for 350 euros (including 21% VAT)

Online guidance 50 euros per hour (including 21% VAT)

On Monday evenings I teach Critical Alignment Yoga intensively in the yoga studio in Weesp at Yogatoday

On Tuesdays I give Critical Alignment Therapy in the studio of the Critical Alignment studio in Amsterdam East

For more information about the style, visit

You can purchase tools via the webshop

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