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My name is Laetitia Schulten. I live and work in Amsterdam East with my dog Danae.

After studying Creative Communication, I held various positions at the University of Amsterdam for 10 years. Because my back started to bother me a lot, I started studying Critical Alignment Yoga and, after 10 years of desk work, I changed course and started teaching in various yoga studios and companies in and around Amsterdam. I currently teach at the Critical Alignment Yoga teacher training course in Amsterdam and I teach in the Yogatoday studio in Weesp. 

When I just started teaching, my dear cousin invited me to New York for a Biontology training given by Johan Boswinkel. I was fascinated by this different view on health and life with its beautiful therapy. It took a while before I put this training into practice, but in 2020 when all studios and offices were closed, the time had come. From then on I learned how to measure with the Chiren and I followed the training again. In addition to teaching Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy, I also work as a Biophoton therapist.

The two are a beautiful collaboration. With which you solve structural problems in the musculoskeletal system with Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy. While the Biophoton Therapy resolves disturbances so that the body's self-healing capacity is stimulated and improved.


Read the interview with yoga-international about Biophoton Therapy here

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